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My Open Source Projects

You can find all of my open source projects on GitHub


Generate Heroku-like random names
haikunatorjs: Library for TypeScript
haikunatorpy: Library for Python
haikunatorphp: Library for PHP
haikunatorgo: Library for Go
haikunatorjava: Library for Java Library for C#
haikunatordart: Library for Dart
haikunatorperl: Library for Perl6
haikunatorclj: Library for Clojure


SweetAlert Integration for Ruby on Rails & Django
sweetify: Library for Ruby on Rails
sweetify-django: Library for Django

Other Stuff

Other libraries and applications
github-actions-badge (Go) 🛡 Badge for your GitHub Actions
codecov-action (Dockerfile) A GitHub action that sends your code coverage to
cain (Go) 📜 CAIN - Simple Media Management
sync-dotenv (Go) 🔀 Keep your .env.example in sync with changes to your .env file
go-migrate-rice (Go) rice source driver for golang-migrate/migrate
homedir (Go) Go library for detecting and expanding the user's home directory
box (Go) 📦 BOX - cli boxes
env (Go) a tiny .env wrapper
steam-account-switcher (Go) simple steam account switcher that lives in your taskbar
input (Go) Simple, easy to use input handler for the CLI (C#) Kuvert is a library that generates clean, responsive HTML & plain-text for sending transactional emails.
store (Go) Simple, painless, zero-config configuration storage


For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can also contact me directly at [email protected]